About Us

KF-Next projects are focused on better engaging the learner or enabling more efficient teaching. While we work in two technological areas, VR/AR and AI, we will continue to research and evaluate other technologies like blockchain for example.


To distinguish Kenan-Flagler as the next generation business school.


To leverage emerging technologies and immersive storytelling experiences to create more efficient and engaging learning experiences that builds the leaders of tomorrow.

Emerging Technologies

Kenan-Flagler Next (KF Next) leads the school in technological innovation using emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence to engage students better and create efficiencies in the learning environments and throughout the school.

The faculty-driven approach includes researching and understanding the right technology that can help improve learning outcomes. The team builds multiple prototypes, tests throughout the design and development process with students and other faculty and creates products that will not only enhance business education at Kenan-Flagler but will impact higher education.

Engaged Learning through VR

Students are transported through the immersive nature of virtual reality and the power of strong storytelling into a different reality that serves to teach through experiential learning which enhances long-term retention and gives them the opportunity to practice concepts and theories learned in the classroom.