Case Study of the Future

The current case study method provides most of the facts to a student for their assignment. Having all the facts given to you is not the real world. Often good decisions are a product of having the right information rather than a person’s analytical skills. Through a new, interactive case approach, students learn how to find the relevant information and ask strong research questions before and while analyzing business case data.

Novel Interactivity

Presented online, in AR or VR space or as document downloads, students can interact with the application via voice commands, gestures, and interactive online interfaces.

A user interface provides access to a simulated company with large amounts of structured and unstructured data. The seed data is based on previous case information but expands over time and includes real-time data such as stock prices, operational data and business news. Interactive 360 VR interviews of employees and customers would be conducted and also available to the students through this system. In some situations, the ideal data might be hidden from the user until it is requested and often time too much, irrelevant data would be presented which is more realistic to real-world decision making than current paper-based case studies.

This simulated company will expand past financials and will include multiple virtual departments with specific problems to solve in that discipline within the company. For example, built off of the existing simulated company data, a human resource problem is scripted, and the solutions presented by the students must work within the company constraints.