Additional Projects

AI Admission Advisor

Selecting the best MBA cohort is a mix of art and science. KF-Next is using machine learning to understand the complexities of the applications and to provide insightful information to the selection committee. It will also enable better recruiting of high quality candidates that are ideal fits for Kenan-Flagler. This project will not only create efficiencies in the selection process but will increase the caliber of the applications and ultimately the quality of the students who enroll.

AI Teaching Assistant (Chat Bot)

Students often need information at times when professors are unavailable, like at 2 a.m. when they start their assignments. Many of their questions are highly predictable and repetitive each year. We are building an AI teaching assistant that can answer student questions 247 and when connected to the AI video search tool will be able to handle a broad set of questions.

Virtual Supply Chain

A virtual reality simulation focused on the visual understanding of various supply chain issues at scale. Students will put on a headset and be able to experience workers unable to produce because of a lack of parts and a warehouse of parts stacked to the ceiling of the parts they need while fees and costs increase and sales are unable to be fulfilled. After understanding the problem, they will strategize and work with different people, companies, officials, and co-workers to solve multiple problems in the chain.

AI Grading Assistant

Professors spend much time grading narrative essays. The AI-driven grading assistant “learns” from previously evaluated essays and provides annotations and a suggested score to the professor saving time and enhancing learning because the professor can give more feedback to the student than previously possibly through only manual comments.

In addition to enhancing the feedback to students, this project also makes more efficient use of professor’s time which provides them with more time for in-depth research.

AI Adaptive Learning

For students to become effective leaders and decision-makers, they need to maximize their time working on their degree. Some students have prior knowledge and skills in some areas while others have different expertise in other areas. Students also have various learning styles and habits. Using AI, we can create custom learning for each student that adapts to the needs of each student. This project builds on previous research in the field and makes it actionable for every student.